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Online Gambling Addiction App

Developer: Compulsive Online Gambling Self Exclusion Services
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Gambling is a physical addiction and gambling can be prevented with self exclusion. Gambling destroys lives, gambling addiction causes financial problems, a gambling problem can destroy your life. If gambling is taking over your life, If you have problems, use this app, it is free. It provides information on how to make physical barriers to stop gambling, including getting barred from gambling websites using the apps self exclusion system by contacting over 425 gambling websites to request self exclusion using a medical reason which cannot be undone. This is the first ever system to be developed online.Learn about which sites are corrupt and under unregulated gambling networks, which sites are blacklisted... to avoid at all costs, fake Russian sites... hidden terms and conditions, sites that don't pay out, cheating sites.... Contact support networks online for help, to the main site for help to quit this addiction. Learn to stop gambling and help others avoid gambling online. We would like to hear especially from underage gamblers, we send information to gambling authorities to try to help improve regulation. We help users get barred and self excluded permanently from websites... bookies, casinos, bingo, slots, poker... this App is promoting getting medically barred for those who are medically suffering from gambling.Eventually there will come a time when gambling regulation will be universal and authorities will have a simple solution to get barred gambling online... this is what should be available for those who are genuinely ill. This is what we promote by helping you to get barred online from gambling and help create physical barriers and limit access to funds and means to gamble.If you have a family member or spouse with a gambling problem please also get in touch for help and support.